Historic Districts Guide

Gambier Street map

High-Vine Street map

Main-Gay Street map

KCRF has published the following maps from the bicentennial edition (2008) of the Guide to the Three Historic Districts for use of the public in determining those properties currently in the three residential districts on the National Historic Register. The three districts are 1. The East Gambier Street Historic District, 2.The East High/East Vine Streets District, and the 3.North Main/North Gay Streets District. Not all properties within the boundaries of the districts are contributing structures. Application for the three districts were not prepared by the same people at the same time and different criteria were applied for structures to qualify as contributing to the historic nature of the districts. If one were to reapply now different structures would qualify for inclusion in those districts and some now on the register would be removed due to remodeling that has destroyed the  historic character of the structure.

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